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Roasted Luxury

Sumptuous Dark Roast

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Perfect for transitioning from asleep to conquering your 16-hour day you’ll be ready to tackle any to-do list with this fully-flavored roast. It will be sure to keep you fashionably on time while delivering the perfect pep to your mornings. 


This rich, full-bodied, gourmet coffee offers flavor notes of caramel and a s’more-like aroma for a vibrant and strong profile that has you getting up to pour that next cup. Our dedication to finding the most flavorful beans means you will never be disappointed when you brew a cup. We take pride in knowing we buy only fair-trade coffee beans.

  • Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Our Darkest Roast
  • Each bag is roast to order and shipped same day.
  • Best made in: Pour Over, French Press, Aeropress, and Drip
  • Regions: Central America, South America, Africa, Island Oceania 


Drip Coffee

Espresso Machine

Pour Over

Cold Brew

French Press

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cali O.
High Quality Coffee

ABSOLUTELY loved the Scrumptious Dark Roast. Tasted super fresh and brewed perfectly in my french press. Definitely going to buy again.

J. Edward Ketz

I like the dark roast and the taste of chocolate and who doesn't like brown sugar. It is a great combination with full body, great aroma. I just love drinking this coffee in the morning. Or afternoon. Or ... you get the picture. I really enjoy it.

M Sander
Truly Sumptuous

I haven’t actually tried this coffee as I gave it as a gift to a friend. She called me and told me how much she loves this coffee.

Brenda Fisher
Wow, Starbucks no longer needed! This is so much better!

I can't believe how amazing this blend is. I was litterally a slave to Starbucks until a friend had me try this coffee. I save time and money...and let's face it, the stress of the Starbucks line is not fun to begin with. Thank you Roasted Luxury, I am a fan!