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Roasted Luxury

Nectar Of Honduras

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Skip your two-a-day workouts and just do one with this naturally sweetened coffee. Leave out the sugar and add your homemade almond milk keeping you from adding any unneeded calories. Taste the difference with this sophisticated yet understated blend. It features delicate whispering notes of black cherry, strawberry, and tangerine to sparkle on all of your taste buds. A consistent, well-structured coffee with a creamy body and long finish.


Each sip suggests hints of honey and berries.  Let the natural aromatic flavors shine by keeping it simple and minimal. Honey processed coffee is dried in raised solar beds so that it reduces the need for water leaving you with that natural sweetness that tastes like honey. You can feel good knowing you’re indulging in fair trade and sustainable coffee beans. 

  • Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Single Origin
  • Honey Processed
  • Region: Central America
  • Each bag is roast to order and shipped same day.
  • Best made in: Drip, Aeropress, Pour Over, and French Press


Drip Coffee

Espresso Machine

Pour Over

Cold Brew

French Press

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laura Smith
Great Taste with hints of orange

I loved the mild taste and the subtle taste of citrus. It is lovely no matter the time of day.

Ivan McCombs

This is the blend that I recommend to my friends who are looking for something new to try. It taste amazing!