Dripping in Honey

Elizabeth Taylor dripped in ice but the modern-day woman drips in honey. Sweet aromatic flavors of honey engulf your taste buds with no extra calories meaning you can drink that second cup infront. May your coffee be strong enough to conquer the week and sweet enough to enthrall. This blend can be used to make the tastiest cold brew you will ever have!

Here are some of the benefits 


We never spray our crops!

Honey Processed

It's specially processed to produce a sweeter bean so you can add less sugar!

Fair Trade

We pay our workers higher than the standard wage.

Why Order ? 

We roast each bag to order and ship the same day so you can rest knowing your beans will be as fresh as possible.

Making Soul Fulfilling Coffee At Home

At Roasted Luxury, I know how that first cup of coffee can make or break your whole day so I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. However, if your order arrived damaged or there was an error with your order, I’d be glad to help!

If the coffee you received wasn’t to your taste, please get in touch so I can help match you to a coffee you’ll love! Would honestly love to hear from you either way, even if it’s just to say hey :)